Mitox 26L-SP Select Petrol Brushcutter

A value trimmer / brushcutter for light/medium domestic use. 

The Mitox 26L-SP is a great value petrol grass trimmer/brush cutter, ideal for the homeowner who requires a machine to effectivley trim lawn edges or clear long overgrown grass.

  • - With ergonomic handles
  • - A reliable, simple to start engine
  • - Split shaft design enables the machine to be easily stored or transported
  • - Pre-loaded nylon grass trimmer head, 3-tooth metal brushcutter blade and single strap harness included
  • FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY (when ordered before 3pm)


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Mitox Easy Start SP Engine


 Quality Easy Starting Engine.

The Mitox 26L-SPl brushcutter is powered by a powerful easy to start 25.4cc petrol engine featuring a primer bulb and choke



26MT multi tool aluminium coupling



 Aluminium Coupling

The Mitox 26L-SP brushcutter features an aluminium coupling on the split-shaft system allows the length of the machine to be halved for easier storage


26 MT Multi Tool Loop handle


Loop Handle & Strap Harness

The 26L-SP brushcutter features a loop handle for ease of use during different operation positions with the single strap harness further enhancing user comfort over prolonged periods of use.



Mitox 26MT Multi Tool Gearbox


Quality Strong Gearbox

The quality strong gearboxes found on the Mitox 26L-SP petrol brushcutter features heat treated gears which ensure high performance and durability, delivering reliable power to the trimmer head.



26MT Grass Trimmer Head



Auto Bump Feed Grass Trimmer Head

The auto bump nylon line trimmer head included with the Mitox 26L-SP releases more line as required with a simple bump on the ground so you can continue grass trimming without the need to switch off the machine.




Full Crank Engines

All Mitox multi tools feature a quality full crank engine which provides superior performance, lower vibration and considerably longer service life, when compared to Half Crank (single bearing) engines, commonly used on low cost petrol domestic garden machinery.


26L-SP Brushcutter Blade



Standard Three Tooth Metal Blade

The 255mm metal brushcutter blade is ideal to use for clearing thicker grass and brush effectively.




Engine MITOX
Displacement (cc) 25.4cc
Power (kW) 0.75kW
Spark Plug Mitox
Fuel / Oil Ratio 40:1
Handle Type Loop
Cutter Head Auto Bump Feed
Metal Blade 255mm, 3 Tooth
Recoil assist No
Auto Choke Return No
Split Shaft Yes
Harness Single Strap
Trimmer Line Diameter 2.4mm
Drive Shaft Diameter 8mm
Tube Diameter 26mm
Sound Level (dBA) 112 dB(A)
Vibration Level (m/s2) 8.6m/s2
Warranty Commercial 90 Day
Warranty Domestic 1 Year
Weight (kg) 6.4kg
Article No. MIBC101
EAN 5060366211743

Use the link below to view / download a copy of the user manual for this product.


What is the difference between a petrol grass trimmer and a brushcutter?

Grass trimmers are designed for trimming areas of the lawn where the lawnmower is unable to cut such as around fence posts and other obstacles. MITOX grass trimmers feature a curved shaft design which makes it easier for precise trimming jobs. Click here to see the Mitox range of curved shaft petrol grass trimmers.

How do I choose which would be the best brushcutter for me?

Choosing the correct brushcutter depends on the amount of work you will be carrying out and what kind of vegetation is being cleared. Click here for some advice on choosing the most suitable brushcutter for you.

What is the difference between the SP-SELECT and SELECT models?

The Mitox 26L-SP is the most basic model in the brushcutter range designed for occasional domestic use. Brushcutters in the SELECT range have the additional key benefits of SmartPull recoil assist for easier starting, lower vibration and soft grip handles for increased comfort and a 3 year domestic warranty (T&C's apply).

What fuel / oil mix ratio should I use in my MITOX brushcutter?

The recommended fuel / oil mixing ratio for MITOX engines is 40:1. MITOX PRO grass trimers and brushcutters with a Kawasaki engine use a mixing ratio of 50:1. If in doubt refer to your user manual.

If something goes wrong with my brushcutter how do I fix it?

To keep any warranty valid, all repairs should be carried out by a MITOX approved service dealer. You can find your closest dealer here.

How do I mix the fuel to use in a 2-stroke brushcutter?

The most effective way to mix the fuel and oil mixture is by using a premium fuel mixing bottle. Simply pour 1 litre of fresh fuel through a filtered funnel into the mixing bottle and then add two-stroke engine oil up to the required ratio marked on the bottle, securely fasten the cap and shake to ensure it is fully mixed. 

Is the 26L-SP SELECT brushcutter supplied with a harness?

Yes, a single strap harness will be included.

How much assembly is required when I purchase a MITOX brushcutter?

There is a small amount of assembly required, the brushcutter guard, nylon line head / blade and the handle require installation.

What fuel should I use in my brushcutter?

You should only use fresh unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic oil specially designed for two stroke engines. We advise using B3C Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke oil to prevent engine damage caused by Ethanol found in petrol. Click here to learn more about fuel related engine issues.

Are different attachments available to fit on my MITOX petrol brushcutter?

There are attachments available to fit the 26L-SP which increase its versatility further. Click here to see the range of attachments available 

Where can I get spare parts for my MITOX brushcutter?

Our nationwide network of MITOX service dealers have access to all MITOX spare parts. Find your local MITOX dealer here.

Is trimmer line supplied with the MITOX brushcutter?

Yes, all MITOX brushcutters are supplied with a pre-loaded nylon head.

What is included with a 26L-SP SELECT petrol brushcutter?

You will receive the following, MITOX 25.4cc engine unit, Straight Shaft, Grass Trimmer Assembly, 3 Tooth Brushcutter Blade, Loop Handle, Trimmer Guard, Basic Mixer Bottle, Single Strap Harness, Assembly Tool Kit, Operators Manual.