Mitox 28LH Select Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Extra flexibility for cutting at height

The Mitox 28LH Select petrol long reach hedge trimmer offers increased versatility and quality over the 26LH-SP

  • - Easy to start 25.4cc engine with SmartPull recoil assist and automatic choke
  • - Overall length of over 2.4 meters
  • - 58cm, double sided hedge trimmer blade 
  • - Articulation through 11 positions over 180 degrees
  • - Split shaft coupling for easy storage and transportation
  • - Single strap harness included
  • FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY (when ordered before 3pm)


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Mitox Easy Start Select Engine



Quality Easy Starting Engine.

A powerful easy to start 25.4cc full crank engine featuring the effortless SmartPull recoil system.



Mitox 28LH Hedge Trimmer Coupling



Aluminium Coupling

The robust aluminium coupling allows the 28LH petrol hedge trimmer to be easily split into two sections for transportation or storage.


Mitox 28LH Hedge Trimmer Adjustment



Increased Blade Length & Articulation

The 28LH Hedge Trimmer features a 580mm cutting blade with articulation over 180 degrees for trimming the top and sides of hedges.


Mitox 28LH Hedge Trimmer Throttle



Ergonomic Soft Grip Controls

The soft grip throttle controls with vibration reducing padded inserts are designed for user comfort, even over extended periods of use.



Mitox Hedge Trimmer Auto Choke


Auto-Choke System

The choke control features set positions for cold and hot starting and automatically returns to idle when the throttle is pulled.



Mitox 28LH Hedge Trimmer Padded Handle


Padded Front Handle

The front padded handle enables multiple grip positions for trimming hedges at various angles and heights whilst also reducing vibration for increased comfort.



Mitox Hedge Trimmer Strap


Single Shoulder Strap Harness

An adjustable single strap harness further increases user comfort when trimming hedges for extended periods of time.



Mitox Select Hedge Trimmer Warranty


Peace Of Mind

The Mitox 28LH SELECT features a comprehensive 3-year domestic warranty with a nationwide network of service dealers all with access to next day spare parts support. Click here for warranty information.



Engine Type Mitox
Displacement 25.4cc
Power  0.75kW
Weight 7.3kg
Vibration 5.35 m/s2
Blade Type Double sided
Head Articulation 11 Positions - 180o
Tooth Pitch / Spacing 35 / 22mm
Total Blade / Cutting Length  580 / 515mm
Total Length 2445mm
Auto Choke -
Starting Smart Pull
Warranty 3 Year Domestic Subject to T&C's
Article No. MIHT50
EAN 5060366211781

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Q: What is the difference between the Mitox 26LH-SP and the Mitox 28LH long reach hedge trimmers?

A: The Mitox 28LH Select long reach hedge trimmer is fitted with a longer 580mm cutting blade and offers a greater 180 degrees of articulation. The 28LH offers a step up in quality over the 26LH-SP with higher quality components used throughout the machine. The SmartPull recoil assist system makes it up to 30% easier to start and other benefits include the ergonomic loop handle and a soft grip throttle control for increased comfort and also a 3 year warranty (T&C’s apply).

Q: Is a petrol hedge trimmer easy to start?

A: MITOX petrol hedge trimmers are designed to be easy to start. The SmartPull recoil assist fetured on the 28LH SELECT ensures easier and quicker starting of the hedge trimmer.

Q: Is there an extension shaft available to further increase the working height of the hedge trimmer.

A: A: Yes, there is a 1 metre extension available to increase the working height of the hedge trimmer. Click here to view

Q: What fuel should I use in my hedge trimmer?

A: You should only use fresh unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic oil specially designed for two stroke engines. We advise adding B3C Ethanol Shield fuel additive to prevent engine damage caused by Ethanol found in petrol.

Q: What is the maximum thickness a petrol hedge trimmer can cut through?

A: The hedge trimmer is designed to trim fresh growth (green branches) up to 10mm thick. Attempting to cut through branches thicker than this could cause damage to the blades.

Q: Are different attachments available to fit on my long reach hedge trimmer?

A: Attachments are now available to fit on to the Mitox 28LH hedge trimmer. These include the PPA Pole Pruner and the BCA Brushctter attachments. If you have a number of different types of gardening tasks, it may also be worth considering the Mitox 28MT Multi-Tool package