The Mitox 4500UK PRO petrol brush cutter has recently been reviewed by Horticulture Week. This premium quality powerful brushcutter features a 45.4cc Kawasaki engine with the Kawasaki Advanced Recoil system for easy starting. With other premium features such as low vibration levels and the Pro twin shoulder harness, the Mitox 4500UK PRO brushcutter is comfortable to use even during long periods of useage.

Mitox 4500UK PRO petrol brush cutter

The full Mitox 4500UK PRO Brushcutter review.

Top of the Mitox range, this cowhorned machine is for experienced users. It is a heavy-duty unit designed for work in the commercial environment. It has aggression and is seriously powerful, delivering 1.42kW (1.9hp).

Suitable for forestry applications as well as clearing long-established vegetation, the 4500UK is powered by a Kawasaki engine that automatically tunes itself to match conditions and so minimise emissions. Oodles of torque is delivered to the cutting head thanks to the use of a sintered clutch and an extra-large bevel-type transmission.

The 4500UK features the same Kawasaki Advanced Recoil (KAR) starting system as the 2700 PRO (p66), so just a light pull is all that is needed to fire the machine into life. When it is up and running, the 0.9-litre fuel tank means you can keep it running for up to an hour-and-a-half.

Coming as standard with a three-toothed metal blade and 2.4mm-diameter cord, plus full harness, it gives a lively performance but also has a soft side. It is easy to adjust for balance. The handles are comfortable, all controls (including stop/start) are within easy reach of the grip and vibrations register at 2.6m/s2 left and 3m/s2 right. Three-year commercial warranty applies.

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The Mitox 4500UK PRO Brushcutter is currently available for £549.00 which is a saving of £50 off the RRP. Click here for information