Protect your engines against costly damage caused by fuel.

When you purchase fuel for your petrol chainsaw, grass trimmer or brushcutter, what you are actually buying is a mixture of petrol and Ethanol.  Ethanol is added to reduce emissions, however, it can cause devastating damage to petrol engines on garden machinery if left untreated.

Petrol Ethanol SeparationEthanol naturally attracts water, and as you can imagine, water and engines are not a good combination.  The water and Ethanol mix is heavier than petrol and, if left to stand, you will end up with a mixture of water, Ethanol and a small amount of petrol sitting in a layer at the bottom of the fuel tank with petrol sitting above.  This is known as ‘Phase Separation’.  The problem you will encounter is that in 99% of engines, the fuel pick up is located at the bottom of the fuel tank and sits in the layer of water and Ethanol .  This mixture will cause difficult starting, engine performance issues and corrosion in the engine of your machine.

Ethanol is harmful to the essential rubber and plastic components such as fuel pipes, diaphragms and gaskets found in modern engines.  Rubber and plastic naturally have a moisture content to allow them to be flexible and adapt to the shape of the components in use.  When the Ethanol in the fuel is in contact with these components, the moisture is drawn out of them, making them brittle and causing them to crack, resulting in engine running problems and eventual failure.

B3C Ethanol Shield

Engine damage caused by fuel related issues is not covered under warranty and can be expensive to repair, so we recommend using a good quality fuel stabiliser. Fuel Stabilisers can prevent the damage caused by Ethanol to your engine.

With this in mind, MITOX highly recommends the use of B3C Fuel Solutions products. Ethanol Shield by B3C Fuel Solutions, is specially formulated to break up and encapsulate any water in the fuel.  This allows it to harmlessly pass through your engine.  Ethanol Shield has the added benefit of conditioning rubber and plastic components in your engine and also improves engine starting and performance.

Ethanol Shield 2 Stroke Oil

For the ultimate protection in 2-stroke garden machinery engines, Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke engine oil is available which overcomes the issues seen with standard 2-stroke oils such as the petrol and oil not bonding together properly therefore not sufficiently providing the engine lubrication required.

Gas Tank Shield

For most most people, it isunlikely that a full fuel can will be used in one go, therefore the remaining fuel is stored in the can for extended periods of time. B3C GasTank Sheild In Tank Fuel Stabiliser can be added into the fuel can which will remove water and neutralise the chemical reaction that starts the fuel decaying process. The in tank fuel stabiliser can be re used up to 10 times, or for 1 year, whichever comes first.

B3C Fuel Test SwabsTo make sure you are running fresh fuel in your engines, a simple to use petrol quality test kit is available. Simply dip a test swab into your fuel, wait 2 minutes and then compare to the petrol test colour chart. If your fuel is no longer fresh, this fuel should not be used in your garden machinery to avoid possible engine damage.

With a full range of products that can test, fix and prevent fuel problems, B3C Fuel Solutions offer a cost effective, practical way to protect and improve engine performance, prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of your machines.

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