Mitox Attachments - Hedge Trimmer, Pruner, Extension,

Mitox now offer a range of attachments which can be fitted to a number of our split shaft machines giving your Mitox machine increased versatility. 

If you are looking to transform your Mitox machine into a long reach hedge trimmer, there are two different hedge trimmer attachments to choose from. The most basic model is the Essential HTA which features a 44cm trimmer blade and can be articulated through 150 degrees. The larger hedge trimmer attachment is the Advanced HTA which is equipped with a 55cm diamond ground cutter blade and offers a wider 180 degrees of articulation for increased flexibility.

If you need to prune thicker branches at height, the PPA Advanced Pruner attachment provides you with a safe solution. Equipped with an adjustable 10” Oregon guide bar and chain for accurate and efficient cutting, the PPA Advanced is a far safe option compared to standing on a ladder using a handsaw or chainsaw. 

For the tallest trimming tasks, a 1-metre extension shaft is available which can easily be fitted to increase the overall length of the machine enabling you to work at greater heights.

Light grass trimming tasks and the clearing of thicker brush around the garden can be achieved by fitting the BCA attachment which is supplied with an auto bump feed nylon head and a HD 3 tooth brushcutter blade.

All attachments are designed to fit directly on to the following Mitox tools.

Art No.



Mitox 26LH-SP Select Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


Mitox 28LH-a Select Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


Mitox 26MT-SP Select 4in1 Multi-Tool 


Mitox 28MT Select-a 5in1 Multi-Tool


Mitox 26L-SP Select Brushcutter


Mitox 28PP-a Select Pole Pruner