Clearing areas of your land or garden which have become overgrown with long grass or thick weeds can be a daunting task.Mitox Petrol Brushcutter Action

Petrol brush cutters can help to complete this job quicker and easier as the metal brush cutter blade will effectively cut through the brush and overgrowth allowing you to get your garden back under control. If you have areas which require lighter trimming work, a nylon head can replace the metal brushcutting blade. Most Mitox brushcuters are supplied with bump feed nylon heads which allow the user to simply tap the head on the ground which will release more trimmer line as required. This is much easier than having to turn off the brushcutter to manually release the nylon line.

Mitox Loop Handle BrushcutterThere are many different models of brush cutters available so it can be difficult to know which one would be most suitable for you. The first question you should ask when considering buying a brushcutter is what is the brushcutter going to be cutting through? Models with the most powerful engines will cut through the toughest vegetation but they do tend to be heavier so a less powerful engine maybe the best choice if you are not cutting through very thick, dense weeds. Professional gardeners may have several different brushcutters to ensure they have the correct model for the conditions it will be used in.

The next question to ask is where will the petrol brushcutter be used? This will help to determine which type of handle would be best. Loop handles are ideal for accurate trimming and cutting in areas such as the edges of lawns and garden boundaries as they are easier to control than bike handled models. Brush cutters with bike handles are most effective when used in areas where there is a lot of cutting or clearing to be done as they allow you to use a swaying motion easier.Mitox Bike Handle Brushcutter

MITOX offer a large range of petrol brush cutters with models designed for light occasional domestic use right through to the demanding land owner or commercial user. Brushcutters in the SELECT series offer great value for money and durability for domestic use, whilst the PREMIUM range of brushcutters are fitted with advanced features such as enhanced anti-vibration systems and Walbro carburettors for maximum reliability and performance which make them perfect for heavy duty homeowner, farm or landowner use. The Mitox PRO series is a range of professional quality brushcutters, manufactured in Japan and powered by Kawasaki engines suitable for professionals or homeowners who demand the best.

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