Protect Your Mitox Machinery from Damage Caused by Fuel

You wouldn't think that the fuel you are required to use in your garden machinery could actually cause either poor running symptoms or even costly repairs.

What is in petrol which causes the poor running of garden machinery?

To conform to emissions legislation, modern fuel contains up to 10% ETHANOL, which naturally attracts water from its surroundings. Obviously water and engines do not mix well.

What happens when the water and ethanol mix?

The ethanol attracts water naturally and once it reaches a critical mass, the water and ethanol separate from the fuel and drop to the bottom of the fuel tank. This is pulled into the engine, rather than the 2-stroke mix, which is sitting above it.

How does the ethanol and water mixture cause damage to the engine?

The water and ethanol mixture is highly corrosive and makes rubber components of the fuel system become hard and brittle and can also leave a varnish/gum as it passes through the fuel system affecting the running of the engine.

If you tip the fuel out of your machine or run the engine until it runs out of fuel, will this prevent the damage?

No, there will still be fuel residue left in the fuel system which can still cause the poor running or non-starting of petrol engines.


 How to avoid starting problems or poor running machinery caused by bad fuel?

We recommend adding B3C Ethanol Shield as soon as you purchase the fuel from the petrol station. 2 capfuls of B3C Ethanol Shield will treat 5 litres of petrol, keeping it fresh for UP TO ONE YEAR. This petrol can be used in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and offers both the same protection. If you only use petrol in 2-stroke machinery, B3C 2-Stroke Oil has Ethanol Shield in it already, allowing you to mix the fuel/oil mixture without needing the additional Ethanol Shield. 

How does Ethanol Shield work?

Ethanol Shield disperses the naturally present individual water molecules throughout the fuel, which allows them to pass harmlessly through the fuel system. Ethanol Shield also contains a conditioner which maintains the rubber and plastic components in the engine and prevents them from being damaged by ethanol.

 Where can I purchase B3C Fuel Solutions products to protect my machinery against poor starting and damage caused by fuel?

You can purchase B3C products here.