Mitox Multi-Tool Accessory Kit

Great Value Multi-Tool Accessory Kit 

Ensure you have everything you need to operate your Mitox garden multi-tool with this great value kit.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 5L Green Fuel Can
  • 1x 1L Mitox 2-Stroke Engine Oil
  • 1x 1L Mitox Chain Oil 
  • 1x  Mitox Fuel Mixing Bottle
  • 1x 118ml B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser

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Mitox Mixer Bottle


 Mitox Mixer Bottle

Mixing your 2-Stroke fuel and oil mixture is simple when using a Mitox mixer bottle. Simply add fresh fuel up to the 1 litre mark on the bottle and then top up to required ratio mark on the bottle with 2-stroke engine oil. Put the cap back on the bottle and give the bottle a shake to ensure the oil and fuel are fully mixed.



B3C Fuel Stabiliser


 B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser

This year round fuel stabiliser is suitable for power equipment with either 2 or 4-Stroke engines. Simply add 2 capfuls into 5 litres of fresh petrol and the B3C Ethanol Shield will keep fuel fresh and stable for up to 1yr, whilst also promoting quick starting.



5Litre fuel can



 Fuel Can

Transport and store your fuel safely in this fuel can. The included funnel allows easy pouring of the fuel into the machine or mixing bottle.


Mitox 2-Stroke Engine Oil


Mitox 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Mitox 2 stroke engine oil is a premium quality semi-synthetic lubricant offering impressive engine protection under all conditions. The semi synthetic formulation helps provide maximum shear strength for complete protection of crankshafts and pistons, as well as improved engine cleanliness and reduced smoke.




Mitox Chainsaw oil


Mitox Chain Oil

Mitox Universal Chainsaw Oil brings high technology to chainsaw chain lubrication. Its unique formula both resists flinging and provides superb lubrication to both the bar and chain on the pruner attachment. The latest extreme pressure additives deal with the wear normally associated with chain saw use.