Mitox Multi Tool Package

Always Have The Right Tool For Your Gardening Jobs.

Petrol multi-tools are often the most cost effective ways of purchasing a complete set of petrol powered garden tools. With just one engine to fuel, service and store, a garden multi tool offers fantastic value for money. The split shaft design of the multi tools also enable them to be transported much easier than having multiple machines in your vehicle.

Mitox offer three different models of Multi-Tools, starting at the entry level Mitox 26MT-SP designed for light domestic use, up to the powerful Mitox PRO 2700MTK which is suitable for commercial users or homeowners who demand the best.

The Mitox 26MT-SP is a part of the Mitox 10-Year Anniversary Special Edition range of garden machinery which offers fantastic value for money. The 26MT-SP is a 4-in-1 garden tool designed for light domestic use and is powered by a 25.4cc engine is supplied with the essential hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter and pole pruner attachments. 

The 28MT SELECT 5-in-1 multi-tool package is our best-selling model and offers a step up in quality and functionality over the 26MT-SP. The 28MT is supplied with an advanced hedge trimmer attachment which offers a larger 180 degrees of articulation for increased comfort, an adjustable pole pruner attachment which provides 7 different pruning angles along with a 1 metre extension for safe trimming at heights with an overall length of over 3 meters. Also included is an advanced grass trimmer attachment with bump feed nylon head and a metal HD 3-tooth blade for cutting through dense grass or overgrowth.

The top of the range multi-tool kit available from Mitox is the 2700MTK PRO which is powered by a high performance Kawasaski engine. Manufactured in our Mitox PRO plant in Japan, the 2700MTK multi tool package is suitable for both commercial users and the demanding homeowner. The PRO Multi Tool kit is supplied with a complete range of professional quality attachments which include the LHA PRO articulated hedge trimmer, BA PRO heavy duty bump feed grass trimmer, the PA PRO adjustable pruner attachment and the 1 meter EX PRO extension shaft for safe pruning at heights. This components in this package are also available separately enabling the purchase of a power unit and the individual attachments you require.

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