Great Value Leaf Blowers and Vacuums added to the SP-SELECT range.Mitox petrol garden blowers and leaf vacuum

Mitox are pleased to announce the additions of the 26B-SP petrol garden blower and the 28BV-SP blower/vacuum to the range of petrol garden machinery. These two machines offer great value for money and are ideal for the domestic user who requires a simple yet effective machine to keep the garden pathways, driveways and lawn neat and tidy. These machines are suitable for use all year round, not only to clear the leaves in the Autumn. The high blowing speeds make them ideal for clearing walkways from grass after using a trimmer, blowing light cuttings after light hedge maintenance work, or even getting sawdust into a pile enabling easy collection.

Mitox Petrol Garden leaf blowerThe Mitox 26B-SP is powered by a 25.4cc two stroke petrol engine and can generate air speeds of up to 150mph to effectively and quickly blow leaves and other garden debris away to keeping garden paths and driveways neat and tidy. The high blowing speed enables the 26B-SP blower to remove even wet, sticky leaves from footpaths around your property which could potentially cause a slip hazard.

Mitox 28BV-SP Petrol Leaf Vacuum


The Mitox 28BV-SP is powered by the same powerful 25.4cc engine and has the same high speed blowing capabilities but has the additional vacuum function which enables the fallen leaves to be collected.



Mitox 28BV-SP leaf vac impeller

Whilst the 28BV-SP is in the vacuum function, the leaves or stray grass clippings can be collected through the wide vacuum tube and are passed through a metal impellor which reduces then to approximately one tenth of their original volume and finally discarded into the large 50L collection bag. This mulch is perfect for adding to the composting around the garden.

Mitox Petrol Leaf Vacuum Throttle Control


To aid user comfort, both of these machines are equipped with a throttle lock feature enabling the user to set the airflow speed to suit the area being cleared. This feature is particularly useful when the machines are being operated for extended periods of time.


The Mitox 26B-SP handheld blower is available for only £99 whilst the 28BV blower / vacuum is available for £129